Diamond CBD Oil Review

Diamond CBD is a Florida-based cannabis supplements manufacturer striving to be the leading supplier of best quality cannabis products throughout the United States. A quick look at their website will reveal they are already one of the best cannabis oil vendors in the country. Their cannabis products are exciting, well-branded and are checked for quality and safety multiple times before they reach the consumer.

Diamond CBD also uses the supercritical extraction process to extract cannabidiol from hemp plants. This process ensures that all the delicate and beneficial cannabinoid molecules are extracted, making their full-spectrum products the real deal! The company also uses advanced scientific measuring equipment to examine the content of their products, ensuring that the final products have exactly what customers need.

The company claims that its flagship product is 7 times more concentrated than the next best brand. This makes it the most powerful cannabidiol product out there. However, despite these lofty claims, the company does not have publicly available third-party testing results to allow us to verify their claims.

In this review, we look at the pros and cons of the Diamond company,the products they carry, and every other important detail you need to know about the company.

Cannabidiol oil

Cannabidiol oil

The Pros

  • Fantastic high-quality concentrated hemp oils and other products
  • Natural non-GMO hemp products that are federally-legal
  • Quality tested ingredients and final products to ensure only the best products reach the customers
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction to retain the beneficial molecules of the hemp plant
  • Multiple promotions and discounts to save you money
  • Tasty edible products including chocolate, honey and gummies

The Cons

  • Things are a little bit expensive on the site compared to other sites
  • They also carry other brands, whose quality we don’t think they can guarantee
  • Only two acceptable methods of payment (MasterCard and Visa)

Current Promotions

There are several promotions you could participate in right now. Most of the promotions give customers steep discounts on their purchases. For example, if you enter “WEBGAIN30” you could get up to 30% off your next order.

Don’t forget to bookmark our site for similar discounts when shopping on this company’s website or on other supplement vendors that ship to Canada.

Non-promotional discounts

The company offers free shipping to any destination on the continental United States as long as the order is over $100.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy free returns if you are not satisfied with the product in the first two weeks.

Available Products

CBD Tinctures

There are dozens of different brands and types of oils available on the Diamond site.The most exciting thing about this variety is the fact that it gives you choice and increases your likelihood of finding what really suits your most significant pain point. One of the oils you will find on this site is the company’s Unflavoured Diamond CBD Oil 100 mg. This exciting product has no off-putting flavour and can be consumed topically, sublingually or as vape juice. It can also be added to food.

What makes it stand out, apart from its gorgeous packaging, is the fact that it has more than 7 times the concentration of CBD than other leading brands. A drop of it is enough to give you the effects you desire. It is also 100% natural.

Diamond CBD also carries Relax Extreme CBD oil. This natural oil is perfect for those who have anxiety problems because it formulated to provide extreme relaxation. It is also perfect for those who struggle to find sleep.  


The company carries premium quality CBD capsules from the renowned MEDS BIOTECH – an American company. Capsules provide a convenient way of getting a regular dose of cannabidiol.


The company carries edible products in the form of CBD infused gummies, honey and chocolate products. The edibles provide innovative and exciting ways of taking Cannabidiol. Multiple exciting flavours are available for sale.


The most premium CBD creams available on the site include Biotech cream 500 mg and Lawrence Taylor Pain Master 1000 mg cream. The former is a powerful pain relief lotion with menthol and concentrated CBD. It is perfect for the joint pain, muscle pain and for warming up before training. While the latter is high-quality pain lotion designed with the athlete in mind. It is perfect for people who are constantly on the move and would like quick relief whenever they are feeling some sort of pain.


From Diamond CBD Addictive vape to Relax Hemp Sticks and Liquid Gold Vape, you will find different types of premium quality CBD-infused vape products on this store.


There are also CBD products for pets. All of them are natural and specifically formulated for pet consumption. They come in different flavours to offer your dog or cat a tasty treat. They are perfect for making pets feel relaxed and n control. So whenever you see your pet displaying aggression or having cognitive problems, you should know that a cannabis treat could be what they need to calm down.

Pet product

Pet product

Company details

Company Name:

Diamond CBD


(305) 615-1194




3531 Griffin Road, Suite #100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, USA

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 9 am to 6pm EST

Some Reviews and Ratings

Diamond CBD Facebook rating: The Company’s Facebook page is relatively new. It has an average rating of 3.5/ 5 stars. This translates to a customer satisfaction rate of about 70%, which isn’t pretty bad especially for a new company. But the engagement with the page is still very low, so it isn’t a very useful source for comments or a much wider overview of what the company does.

At cbdoilcanadahq.ca you can read tons of CBD reviews.

Better Business Bureau  (BBB):The company has a BBB rating of B- (3.09/ 5 stars). However, we cannot really rely on this rating as only five customer ratings were used to arrive at the figure. In general, when you look at the different websites selling the company’s cannabis supplements, you will find that most customers have generally positive views of the products and the company.

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