Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review

Charlotte’s Web (CW) is one of those conscientious companies you will love to buy products from forever. It is a family-owned company that grows powerful strains of the hemp plant as dietary supplements.

The company has been around for many years and boasts some of the best quality full-spectrum cannabis oils you will ever find online. Apart from oils, they also have other hemp products including CBD capsules, creams and pet products.

CW is known throughout the states for its quality products including that which helped a young girl to significantly reduce the epileptic seizures she was experiencing. The company has been featured in dozens of print, TV and online media because of the success of its products.

In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of the company plus everything else you need to know about them and their products.

CW oil

CW oil

The Pros

  • CW is one of the leading and most trusted CBD brands globally
  • They have been around for quite a while and seemingly know what they are doing
  • They are a conscientious company whose founders have been fighting to increase the legal space for cultivating hemp
  • CW has one of the fastest shipping times to Canada
  • You can subscribe to them and receive their products regularly without having to visit their website again

The Cons

  • CW products are said to be relatively expensive compared to other similar products
  • They do not have cannabidiol gummies or edibles like other stores do
  • They do not carry cannabidiol vape juice

Current Promotions

Charlotte’s Web has dozens of promotions for its clients. Most promotions are basically discounts on certain products. One such promotion is the “Buy four get one free” promo that is currently running. So essentially if you choose to buy four products in bulk you get an extra one absolutely free!

Other promos are usually made available throughout the year. Just bookmark our site and come back frequently, we will keep you up to date with every new promo or offer on the site.

Non-promotional offers

  • 30-day guarantee: Charlotte’s Web Company is so confident that its products will make a great difference in that it provides customers with a 30-day guarantee. Which means you can send the product back if it does not meet your expectations and they will give you a full refund.
  • Subscription service: If you like a particular Charlotte Web product, you can subscribe the product and choose the frequency of your subscription so that every time that date reaches, they automatically send the product to you. If you subscribe, you get a 5% discount every time the product is shipped to you.

Available products

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oils

Unlike other companies selling oils from unnamed sources, Charlotte’s Web-only carries products it produces just south of the border in Colorado. All its products are made from naturally grown hemp plants. The extraction processes they use are also the most delicate ones ensuring that all beneficial molecules are successfully extracted. Hence each serving from their CBD oils contains naturally occurring CBD, flavonoids, terpenes and phytocannabinoids.

One oil worth a special mention is their mint chocolate flavoured CBD oil! This oil not only tastes good but also delivers extreme relaxation from stress and anxiety whenever you take it. It also perfect for increasing focus and concentration and for a quick recovery from exercise. It is basically an everyday oil.

Other oils formulated for other purposes are also available on Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules

Charlotte’s Web calls its capsules more than just CBD. It is true because each of its capsules has dozens of health-giving ingredients including phytocannabinoids, and other plant compounds. The oils are great for providing a sense of calm, proper recovery after exercises and for promoting general wellbeing.

You can obviously try them for pain but you’ve got to remember that they are just dietary supplements and they are not exactly meant for that kind of purpose.

The capsules are available in two sizes. One bottle has 15 mg of hemp extract per capsule, while the other contains more concentrated and powerful capsules with 35 mg of hemp extract each. It is recommended to start with the lower potency one first to get your body used to cannabidiol before tripling your dose if need be (if the 15 mg is enough for your needs then there is absolutely no need to bump the dose as that may lead to overdosing and side effects such as drowsiness and diarrhoea).

Charlotte’s Web CBD topicals

Charlotte’s Web, which prides itself as the world’s most trusted hemp extract manufacturer, now has its legendary hemp extracts in the form of a thoughtful hemp-infused cream. The cream which starts from $49.99 contains full-spectrum phytocannabinoids for handling pain and inflammation. It is also infused with other key ingredients such as Shea butter, arnica, coconut oil, aloe, Vitamin B5, and linoleic acid for skin nourishment and moisturization.

They also have a hemp-infused balm that nourishes and soothes the skin.

CW topicals

CW topicals

Charlotte’s Web Pet products

CW’s PAWS is their pet-friendly hemp extract oil. It is made of hemp infused MCT oil; a formula that is perfect for providing agitated dogs and cats with a sense of calm and for soothing their hips and joints.

Company Details

Company Name:

CWB Holdings, Inc.






CWB Holdings, Inc. 1720 S Bellaire St, Suite 600, Denver, CO 80222

Business Hours:

Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM MST, Friday 9AM-3PM MST

Some reviews and ratings

Charlotte’s Web Facebook page:  Charlotte’s web does not seem to have an official Facebook page although there are plenty of similarly named pages trying to rip-off unsuspecting customers. However, the owners of Charlotte’s web, the Stanley brothers do have a group Facebook page. The over 20K likes on the page and the dozens of comments commending them for their work is proof enough that Charlotte’s Web has amazing products.

If you go to you will see everything we have been working on.

Rating on Leafly:  Charlotte’s web has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Leafly from 189 reviews (as at the time we were writing this article). Needless to say, this is a very positive review that indicates the kind of trust people have in one of the world’s best hemp oil companies.

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