Best CBD Oil Products For Pets – Read Before Choosing

In the last couple of months, CBD oil products have become all the rage. Almost everyone everywhere is now Googling about the products and trying to find out if it can help them to deal with one or two health issues.

In humans, studies have proved that cannabidiol oil can be used to kill pain, to reduce anxiety, to alleviate cancer symptoms, to reduce stress, and to eliminate acne breakouts. There are many more things that cannabidiol can do but they have not yet been proven by scientific studies so we won’t bother to list them here.

Cats, dogs and other big pets are just like humans; they have similar internal systems to the ones we have. For this reason, they feel the same kind of things we feel as humans. They feel pain, they feel anxiety, and they can even be stressed at times. If you’ve got a dog, then you’ve probably seen him or her wag his or her tail and jump up and down when you can back home from somewhere. You probably interpreted that as happiness which is what it is. So the same way your furry friend can feel happy, he can also feel anxious and he can also feel pain.

That’s why cannabidiol oil manufacturers have made products specifically for big pets like dogs and cats. This article explains why pets need CBD products and lists the best cannabidiol oils for pets. We also recommend the best one to make it easy for you to quickly buy something if you are in a hurry.

Why Pets Need CBD products

We have pretty much explained this in the introduction. Pets need CBD products because they have roughly the same kind of systems as humans and they, therefore, feel the same kind of physical pain and mood alterations we feel. Below is a list of CBD benefits that can make your dog or cat a happier being.

  1. CBD is a powerful analgesic: It kills pain quickly and effectively.
  2. It can reduce the frequency of seizures in animals.
  3. Can prevent inflammation.
  4. Can relieve stress (which is a common problem for dogs).
  5. Alleviates cancer symptoms.
  6. Effective against nausea and vomiting.
  7. Restores hormonal balance.
  8. Significantly improves the state of mental and physical wellbeing.
  9. Enhances mobility.

How we assessed the products

As you probably already know, there are dozens of cannabis/ hemp oils for pets out there. It was difficult to find the top four products but we did. Below are the three main things that we looked at to compile our list.

  1. Manufacturer profile: There are literally hundreds of CBD product manufacturers out there. To sieve the chaff from the wheat, we only considered manufacturers with contact numbers and actually called them to hear who was at the other end and how knowledgeable they are about the stuff they are selling.
  2. Quality: In terms of quality, we looked at the source of the CBD product (is it hemp, is it organic, is it GMO-free, and where was it grown), the processing methods, and whether a third-party lab was used to test the quality and safety of the products before release.
  3. Reviews and ratings: We looked at what others are saying about the products and what their conclusions were with regards to the pet products they have used before. We also checked social media and posed questions on dog forums and cat forums (yes, they exist) to find out what others recommended.

Our final list had eleven products. We whittled it down to four. Check the four products below to find out which ones made the list.

The best CBD Products for Pets

This list contains a mix of oils and edibles. Choose what you think will work best for your pet pal.



This is an amazing product for pets. It is the kind of product you get specifically to boost the general well-being of your pet.

The manufacturer (Charlotte’s Web) is based in the United States and has received rave reviews over and over again from different expert analysts for its human and pet hemp oil products.

PAWS is manufactured with quality in mind. The company tests all its final processed products to verify the cannabinoid profile and to check if the products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Each bottle of PAWS contains approximately 25 milligrams of hemp CO2 extract per one ml serving. The oil is supposed to be given twice daily by mixing two to three drops with your dog’s food or administering it directly.

Considering what goes into making each bottle, the price you see above is somewhat justified.

Many reviewers claim that this product makes dogs calm when given twice a day. It is also said to be perfect for improving the movement of hips and joints.



This is a good quality product with high potency and it is available at a relatively affordable price.

Lazarus Naturals is also an American manufacturer. The company was founded in Seattle in the year 2016. Although the company is relatively new in the CBD scene, it has made a name for itself by creating quality pet oils and selling them at low prices.

All their oils are full-spectrum and come with all the benefits of hemp. This particular product is also vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made in the USA.

According to information provided by different reviewers on different forums, this particular product is perfect for providing doggos with pain relief. It is also perfect for combating stress and anxiety. So if you feel as if your dog has been looking kind of worried or stressed lately, this is the product to go for.

You will also find that this product is great for enhancing joint mobility and soothing nerves.

This company also sends its products to a third-party to confirm potency levels and to verify that the products have no pesticides or heavy metals.

The test results for this particular CBD tincture are posted on the website.

CBD treats

CANNA-PET ORGANIC BISCUITS (3 boxes for 39.99 USD)  

This is the treat you get to not only excite the palates of your dog or cat but also to give him his medicine at the same time.

This is actually a pack with three separate boxes. Each box contains about 40 maple bacon flavored biscuits made of organic hemp. Each biscuit weighs 80 mg. The biscuits are made in the USA using 100% organic and non-GMO hemp. An advanced formulation is used to provide the maple bacon taste without lowering the quality of the biscuits. The formulation includes organic barley flour, maple powder, cinnamon, and cured bacon.

CANNA-PET makes its biscuits using the same quality standards used to make human food.

All the biscuits are bite-sized making them easy for most pets to consume.

The key active ingredients that deliver the health benefits include terpenes, flavonoids, and  hemp extract. These ingredients deliver a marked improvement in mood and physical health.

Pet CBD treats


This product is one of the tastiest treats for dogs. It tastes just like peanut butter and banana (but don’t taste it) and it is made of extremely good quality organic hemp and other organic products.

EDIBITES are made by PET-RELEAF – an American manufacturer of pet supplements. This company is the only manufacturer of its type that has control of the entire manufacturing process from planting the seed to packaging for distribution.

The company grows its hemp in a joint venture farm in Colorado. The farm is the largest USDA-certified organic hemp farm. The hemp strains grown are specifically grown to produce quality hemp for pets. This always results in powerful full-spectrum extracts that contain over 100 terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that can really improve the well-being of pets.

The resulting formulation is mixed with other organic products including coconut oil, barley flour, bananas, peanut butter powder, vitamin C, and honey for taste and extra health benefits.

Formulations result in tasty treats containing at least 1.5 milligrams of active cannabidiol. Giving your dog the treats will supercharge his immune system and boost his energy levels.

Our Pick

Based on all the factors we have reviewed, Pet Releaf Edibites is our pick. The product is tasty, affordable, and its quality is assured from seed to sale. The health benefits it provides are also more evident and prominent because of its guaranteed active CBD dose of 1.5 milligrams per bite.

But more importantly, we love it because it has an amazing taste. We all want the best for our pets and what’s better than finding a “medicine” that tastes like a very nice treat? Nothing really.

P.S.: This article is for informational purposes. In case, your dog or pet has a health issue, please consult with a veterinary doctor before administering any treatment on your own.

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