Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review

Bluebird Botanicals is one of the foremost manufacturers and online vendors of dietary and therapeutic hemp extracts. The company is based in Louisville, Colorado.

Brandon Beatty founded the company in 2012. In the last three years, the company has grown strongly to become one of the leading manufacturers of premium hemp extract products in the United States.

Their online store boasts an impressive inventory of products including CBD oils, capsules, isolates, vape juices, and even hemp clothing.

The brand is all about quality. This is evident in the fact that they have in place a rigorous quality assurance system to ensure that all their final products are safe and highly potent. One of the components of the quality assurance system is the verification of product quality and cannabinoid profile through third-party laboratory testing. The results of the test are posted on their website.

Moreover, all of their facilities are based in Colorado. This means they can closely monitor the cultivation hemp seeds, the extraction of hemp, and the processing of hemp extracts.

The company ships to all 50 states in the United States and to Canada.

The Pros

  • Based in North America
  • Verifies the safety of products by testing for the presence of over 200 contaminants
  • Manufactures its products in a certified laboratory
  • Hemp is extracted using the CO2 extraction process helping ensure that the final product is of great quality and does not need to be altered or standardized
  • Contributes part of its earnings to charities including those helping individuals suffering from epilepsy, autism, and cancer
  • Very innovative; uses state of the art facilities and innovative processes to ensure final CBD products are of premium quality
  • Products created by a team of experienced herbalists and pharmacists
  • Great customer service; the support agents respond quickly with helpful information

The Cons

  • High shipping charge
  • Provides significant military discounts only to Americans

Current Promotions

The company usually releases coupon codes that you can use to get a discount at checkout. You may qualify for a discount by clicking one of the product links we provide below. First-time buyers get a 20% discount coupon at checkout. Bluebird also offers discounts for those paying using cryptocurrencies. They accept over 70 major types of cryptocurrencies. The discount is 20% off on purchases to be made using Bitcoin or Litecoin.

The company also offers free domestic shipping on certain orders but not on international orders.

Best Bluebird Botanicals Products

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Oil

Hemp Classic CBD Oil (250 milligrams in one oz. for $24.95)

This CBD oil is made of two chief ingredients – hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil. There is nothing quite like it. This is because hemp extract is from organic industrial hemp and it has got all the key naturally occurring compounds such as cannabidiol, trace minerals, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and terpenes. In total, the extract has got over 80 beneficial compounds besides the main one which is cannabidiol. These compounds provide their own benefits to the body. When they are combined, they work together to deliver incredible benefits for the mind and body.

Basically, this product has all the ingredients to do most of the things that you would expect a decent CBD product to do for you.

The oil is analyzed using powerful scientific equipment to ensure that it is of the right quality and that there are no potentially harmful pesticides, organisms, or heavy metals.

Bluebird Botanicals recommends taking not more than 15 drops for the entire day. Fifteen may sound like a heavy dose but considering the low CBD concentration of this oil, the figure is perfect.

Full strength oil

Hemp Classic 6X (Six times more potent) CBD oil (1500 milligrams in one oz. for $109.95)

This oil is essentially the previous one we have just discussed but six times stronger. Specifically, while the previously discussed product has 250 mg of CBD in one ounce of organic hemp oil, this one has 1,500 mg in one ounce of hemp oil.

The product is more potent and perfect for chronic pain and inflammation. It also perfect for reducing anxiety, depression, and for alleviating cancer symptoms.

The Hemp Classic 6X is also more expensive than the previous product.

What you may not like, however, is the fact that the product has a slightly bitter taste. This is because the CBD is in its raw natural form and contains no sweetener or synthetic additives that are used by other companies to create taste.

CBD capsules

Hemp Capsules (Thirty capsules per bottle; total weight 450+ grams)

Capsules are a convenient way of taking CBD. These capsules contain 15+ milligrams of CBD each. They have got no taste making them easier to take than the Hemp Classic 6X.

The fact that they are capsules makes them easy to take even when on the go.

The capsules are made using a powerful whole-plant hemp extract for maximum entourage effect.

CBD isolate

CBD Isolate (One thousand milligrams of CBD, 96% purity)

CBD Isolate is pure CBD from hemp. It is in powder form and it is 100% natural.

This product has no taste or smell. has been becoming a big hit among Canadians looking for CBD.

It is perfect for use as an ingredient in foods or snacks.

 Company Summary

  • Name: Gaia Botanicals LLC and its subsidiary Bluebird Botanicals LTD
  • Email:
  • Phone: (720) 726-5132
  • Address: 500 S. Arthur Ave. #300 Louisville, CO 80027

What others are saying about the brand

On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you will find that most reviewers and commenters agree that Bluebird makes some of the dopest CBD products. Many usually cite how a Bluebird oil has helped to combat a condition or to become just generally healthier to support their positive ratings for the Bluebird brand and its products.

The one thing that most reviewers are in consensus about is the claim that most Bluebird products are effective for killing pain. Quite a number of reviewers have also documented their experiences about how CBD products from this company have helped to make them less anxious.

In conclusion, this brand is loved by many and it seems from the evidence given that it does work wonders to the body. From the quality and safety side of things, we can also say for sure that this is a great brand.

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