CBD Oil In Canada – Top Brands To Buy From

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Many people are raving online over the latest popular dietary supplement – CBD oil. But is this new product worth your time? Or is it just being hyped up for nothing. After all, we all know that the supplement industry is littered with not-so-credible products with new ones coming out every year.

Might this new mystery compound called cannabidiol, however, actually be effective?

That’s what we chose to explore here in this article.

We’re going to be looking at various aspects of this compound and the plant that it comes from.

Here at the HQ we are always fascinated with these types of subjects and we are dedicated to delivering the most accurate info on it possible.

What Is Cannabidiol Oil?

Cannabidiol aka CBD is a component of the cannabis and hemp plants. It has healing properties and has been used therapeutically for decades. Although there are still many concerns about the legalization of the use of hemp, the cannabinoids found therein are extracted and used as ingredients of many products intended for healing.

It is primarily touted as a miracle cure for epilepsy, and it is also said to reduce pain, anxiety, and other conditions as well.

Think of it as a powerful natural remedy that can treat a variety of ailments.

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How is it taken?

Currently, it is most popularly available in oil, tincture, and capsule forms. It can be used to treat many conditions in these forms and as an additional therapy in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, glaucoma, etc.

Even though this natural remedy has some useful medicinal properties, it must be admitted that it doesn’t taste extremely good. It has a bitter, musky aroma.

This is why some manufacturers pioneered innovative and tastier CBD products in the form of candy, sweets, gummies and the likes. Nowadays, there are dozens of similar infused products in even tastier edibles such as cookies, chocolates and hard candies. Thus, users can enjoy their favorite treat and get treated in the process.

The number of these kinds of products is growing daily. The fight for a bigger market share in the industry is also getting tougher.  So to help you find the best products among the many available on the market, we have selected four brands best CBD gummies for you based on quality and effectiveness.

What health conditions can cannabidiol help with?

The number one reason why people around the globe buy CBD products is to treat chronic pain. The second reason is to treat anxiety.

Those suffering from various forms of seizures will also find the supplement to be useful. This is because it is known to significantly reduce the number of epileptic seizures experienced by epileptic patients.

The following is a list of health conditions/diseases that the substance can help to treat or manage:

-Chronic pain
-Epilepsy/seizure disorders
-Multiple sclerosis
-Certain cancers

This is by no means a complete list. But as you can see, the potential of this natural cannabinoid is far-reaching.

The Top 4 Brands

Here are the top CBD brands we have found that are based in Canada or ship here.

aphria cannabis oil bottlesaphria cbd logo

#1 – Aphria CBD Tinctures

Price – $27.99 CAD
Our Rating – 5/5
Official Page – https://aphria.ca/
Shipping Time To Canadian Cities: 1-2 days to most parts including Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Aphria is an absolutely amazing cannabis oil mammoth of a company based right here in Canada.

They feature some of the highest quality CBD-containing products we have seen anywhere.

diamond cbd oil

#2 – Diamond CBD Gummies

Price – $19.99
Our Rating – 4/5
Official Page – https://www.diamondcbd.com/collections/chill-gummies/products/chill-gummies-gummy-bears-edible
Shipping Time To Canada: 2-3 days to most parts.

Diamond CBD Company is a distinguished American brand best known for its cheap pricing. It has got some of the cheapest gummies infused with the natural remedy.Its gummies are best used for treating insomnia, anxiety and even glaucoma.

The company infuses cannabinoids of excellent quality into the gummies to produce effective therapeutic gummies. You will love the variety of shapes and flavors you will find here. Chill Gummies, for example, are made in the form of sweet gummy bears, in a package of 20g (7 pieces). Other flavors and shapes include Relax Gummies, Gummy Worms and Watermelon slices. And with the regular discounts that the company gives on orders made online, you can easily buy any flavor you like at less than $15.

Generally, these treats contains a dose of 8 mg of CBD per piece. In addition to this, they contain Vitamin B, A, and D. Hence, you are guaranteed of a whole lot of goodness from each gummy from this company.

pure science lab cannabidiol

#3 – Pure Science Lab

Price – $19.95
Our Rating – 4/5
Official Page – https://puresciencelab.com/product/buy-best-pure-cbd-gummies-review/
Shipping Time To Canada: 2-3 days to Montreal/Toronto. 4-5 days to Winnipeg/Calgary/Vancouver.

One of the founders of Pure Science Lab once said that one of his main drivers was that he suffered from Chrone’s disease at a younger age and that he did not want others to go through the same experience as him looking for medication. All the products of his company, including the cannabis gummies, are subject to strict quality controls and constant improvement to ensure that customers get premium and effective products.

This brand is known for the diversity of products it offers on the market and also for its unique delicacies such as pomegranate chips, granola bites, etc. As for their CBD Gummies, from our user experience we can say that theirs are the highest quality gummies currently on offer. One of the consumers even called them “A rescue from the bag.” Pure Science Lab uses high quality European hemp to produce its products. Generally, it gummies have a potency of about 15 mg.

The price is a bit expensive. Some say this is justified because of the quality. You will have to decided yourself when you taste and use the products to tell if the price is justified.

There are packages of 6, 10, or 20 pieces.

As for the tastes and shapes, the best-selling are Sour Worms, Cola Bottles, Tasty Watermelons, Rainbow Strips, etc.

Based on  the number of positive reviews these gummies have received, it is safe to say that this manufacturer produces some of the best gummies ever. Most of the reviewers claim that they felt a positive change in their psychological condition, that the quality of their sleep was significantly improved, and that the gummies are also effective in killing pain.


#4 – Purekana Gummies

Price – $33
Our Rating – 3.5/5
Official page – https://purekana.com/products/cbd-vegan-gummies-25mg-eachcoming-soon
Shipping Time To Canada: 5-6 days.

As well as all famous and trustworthy brands, Purekana is trying to provide affordable and quality products to their users. The gummies produced by this company are packaged in very original boxes, looking like jars – design is simple, yet elegant.

Users agree about one thing – all of Purekana’s products have amazing taste. In addition, the concentration of CBD extract in every single candy is high, up to 25 mg per piece. This company guarantees energy boost, instant pain relief, and better mood.

Generally, these products are great as an alternative or additional therapy in the treatment of inflammatory processes, digestive tract disorders, post-operative recovery, sleeping issues, etc. Also, on the packaging of these products, it is pointed out that these gummies are recommended for vegans since the product does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

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Our Verdict: The Top CBD Product For Canadians

In addition to the phenomenal taste and positive effects on general health, gummies are very practical and can serve as the first aid at any time. With the appearance of new producers, the price will become more competitive, which will make these treats even more affordable for Canadians.

You will want to carefully consider the supplier you choose based on what part of the country you live in.

If you are in the east end towards Montreal, make sure to go with something like Diamond CBD. However, if you don’t mind slower shipping for a better product(or if you just live in Vancouver/west end of Canada), you might want to seriously consider picking up a bottle of Pure Science Labs CBD oil.

Is CBD Actually Legal In Canada?

CBD oil has been officially legal in Canada, along with other types of medical marijuana, since 2001.

This thread on Quora explores the question in depth, and there is also this great article on the legality of cannabidiol in Canada.

Another great resource is this piece on Understanding the New Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

They really have put in a lot of effort to make sure everybody understands the new laws concerning this substance. Since Canada passed legal cannabis oil and medical marijuana laws in 2001- their governments have been pondering whether or not to legalize full recreational cannabis for everyone.

justin trudeau

Finally, a vote will be held coming up within a few weeks and there may be a decision by July of 2018.

The new bill would legalize pot for all Canadians who are at least 18 years old – though some have been wondering if the law should be moved to 21.

After all, marijuana is a psychedelic substance with serious effects on the mind, and although it is not classically physically addictive, this one point really should not be overlooked due to the influence cannabis can have on the developing brain.

This is a concern that has been brought up by many legal weed skeptics- but we think there is a great chance that the bill gets passed in its entirety, because Canada is filled with many very liberal citizens and government figures, such as Justin Trudeau.

If you are someone who thinks you may want to purchase some CBD from an accredited source, this is a good place to look: Authorized Licensed Producers of Cannabis for Medical Purposes – Canada.ca.

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